Scarlett Red Going Wild With Her Shower Head

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Masturbating with a showerhead. How stereotype for a girl in a tub, right? Scarlett Red just happens to add a new flavor to it.

Girls will be hypocrites if they don't admit to trying this at least once with a removable shower. Well, for Scarlett here, she wants to bare it all as she does it on her tub in her Jerkmate video!

How good is Scarlett with the showerhead? She's so good with it that we wish we'd join her in the tub. It's got to be an ultimate hookup experience to be sharing a tub on your first night. That's what's triggering these fantasies of ours when it comes to Scarlett Red.

Scarlett looks like your typical cute girl who you'd come across in a day of errands. She's the type you pick up and is game if you ask her out. Now that we fed more into the fantasies of some, let's get to the action!

She starts out with what seems to be just an innocent shower to clean up. It all starts when she washes her legs and the spray of the shower hits her pussy so good that she decided to seduce with all that sexual tension.

What happens next? A whole lot of teasing involves spraying the water on her boobs as she rubs her pussy. If you never had bathtub sex before, this is how it starts sometimes.

If all girls shower like this in the morning, we might as well get a girlfriend like Scarlett right now!

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