Lily Lane Cheats on Husband for Sex!

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Only a few would dare do such taboo like Lily Lane. She even demands sex from her husband's friend! That's one badass move to pull off at home.

Lily here has needs that need to be fulfilled. It is understandable that if her husband can't give it to her, she would surely want it from someone else.

Enter husband's friend here who knows that Lily has the hots for him. What does Lily do then? Well, she calls Lucas, her husband's friend, and demands sex from him!

How could she resist? Lucas Frost likely looks more charming than her husband. Even the performance speaks a lot about what Lily's husband couldn't give.

Come to think of it, sex is also a human need and we look for it because it's essential to survival. How will we even be born without it, right?

Now, back to the video. Lucas seems to do a number on Lily here as he slowly plays down into her wants. He starts from the bottom before playing with the top. Just by watching how he deliciously ate out Lily, you would know that this is something worth demanding.

Even without the black guy assets, there's a certain charm to Lucas that Lily's badassery couldn't resist. It looks so nice that we get to see a heavily tattooed woman lose some of that toughness when in desperate need.

In this case, it was sex and Lucas Frost is one lucky man that he's the first friend Lily dialed on her phonebook.

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